ScreenChomp App for iPad

At the Migrant Education and English Language Learning (MELL) Conference in St. Louis this past November, Daphne Hensley, ESL Coordinator for Monett Schools, presented a list of her favorite iPad apps for the ESL classroom. One of them was Screenchomp – a free app that functions as a white board, allows instructors to import a document or take a photo to annotate, and records audio, among other tricks. On the companion site, users can also download audio recordings as MPEG-4 files.

In the ESL classroom, the ScreenChomp app could be used to practice labeling states on a map of the U.S., plant parts or water cycle steps on diagrams. A student could also use it to highlight a text or read, record, and play back their own voice.

In the video below, Heather Farmakis, Ph.D. and Melissa Kaulbach, Ed.D, co-hosts of web show Ed Tech Du Jour by Faculty eCommons, provide an educator’s perspective on using ScreenChomp in the classroom, and the second video offers a student’s perspective by TechSmith Solutions.


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