Sight Word Apps for iPad

For ELs of all levels, iPads are useful tools for improving word recognition and pronunciation. The following sight word apps provide practice in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Word Bingo is a simple, $0.99 app with four games and five levels. Three of the games – Word Bingo, Word It Up, and Word Fling –  involve identifying a spoken word from among others on the screen. The fourth activity in this app is a spelling game.

Flashcard-style interfaces make the next two less engaging, but these apps are slightly more flexible. The free Sight Words Flash Cards app features four levels – pre-primary to second grade. Users can swipe through a deck of words, hear them spoken, and flag more difficult ones to repeat. There is also a word recognition activity.

The Sight Words List interface is even simpler, devoid of graphics, but it’s free and allows customization according to color, font, size, capitalization, and speed. While there are no games in this app, older learners may appreciate that it allows adding their own words and entire lists of words as well as recording their own voice.

Jigsaw, tic-tac-toe,  memory, hangman, and word search games make Sight Words Kids Learn an engaging choice that can be test-driven for free. After the first 25 words it’s $2 for 100 more, and $5 for every hundred thereafter. The app includes a couple of activities for sentence building and spelling practice.

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