Welcoming and Serving Refugees

Is your school welcoming to new refugees?

Is your school welcoming to any visitor or newcomer? How do you know?

Jewish Vocational Service‘s Christina Field brought a resource on this topic to our attention last week at the New Americans meeting. The Welcoming Refugees website, a project of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, provides stories, videos, toolkits, and webinars for a variety of sectors (including education). You can browse them by strategy such as communications, community engagement, economic development, leadership engagement, and sustainability.

Their archived webinar Promoting a Culture of Welcome for Refugees in Schools suggests ways to create  a welcoming school and engage students and families. The participant chat portion of the webinar contains a useful list of participant responses and ideas.

Also, the site’s Promising Practices page tells the stories of how organizations across the U.S. are welcoming and supporting refugees.

Who do you reach out to for help when you meet a refugee family with a need?

After our post about the organization last month, you may now identify JVS as the first place to turn for assistance or referrals. Another resource Christina presented is the refugee services videos of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). These videos are translated into 34 languages – including two Chin languages (The Chin are one of the largest refugee groups from Burma represented in the KCPS district.) – and they cover six topics – medical care and insurance, medications and home remedies, substance abuse, family issues including domestic violence, personal hygiene, and food safety and housekeeping.


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