Role Models through Books and Photos


Role Models for All

International Women’s Day – if you teach ELLs, you might recognize it as a holiday celebrated more often by your ELL students than native English speakers. (Here’s an article that explains why.) A post about a collection of books celebrating diverse women brought the holiday, which was last Saturday, to our attention this year.

fridaThe site A Mighty Girl has collected a list of titles on female role models from around the world, including Seeds of Change: Wangari’s Gift to the World, about theenvironmentalist and first African woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize, and Me, Frida, about Frida Kahlo’s first time out of her native Mexico and how she found inspiration in the U.S. The entire collection of books on the site includes over 1,500 titles about mighty women and girls. 

Goals of Girls across the Globe

Portraits of daughters and their mothers from Tegucigalpa to Tokyo, Cape Town to Kathmandu, and places in-between like Mogadishu, Mumbai, Ramallah, and Havana comprise a series of photos compiled by Reuters to celebrate the day. The captions in Women’s Day – Mothers and Daughters: Portraits and stories from around the world contrast and compare the dreams of two generations against the backdrop of their everyday realities.

Free and Discounted Books Celebrating Latino Culture

According to a tip from our Family Engagement partner Phyllis Harris, until March 21st, the nonprofit First Book is offering books free or 50% off regular prices, which are already reduced by up to 90% off retail prices.

First Book is an international nonprofit dedicated to working with educators to provide brand new, high-quality, books to kids from low-income families. The First Book Marketplace carries thousands of titles for ages 0-18, at an average of just $2.50 per book (including shipping!).

The First Book Marketplace features several special interest sections including STEM books, global stories with subcategories by ethnicity, tender topics with titles on divorce and violence among others, and stories to empower girls. Currently, First Book is promoting their Latino Interest section full of books that celebrate Hispanic experiences plus Spanish and bilingual books. The Latino Culture and Heritage Collection for Elementary School is a good buy for building a school library with 50 books for only $200.

To get the limited-time discount, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up with First Book. All educators at Title 1 or Title 1 eligible schools, and programs serving 70% or more of children in need are eligible to sign up.
  2. Log-in to the First Book Marketplace and fill your cart with books of your choice from the Latino Interest section and beyond.
  3. Enter the code LCC_50 when you check out to get 50% off your order.

According to First Book, this discount is available first-come, first served and may expire before March 21st. From what we can tell, the free books are available through their First Book National Book Bank distributions.

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