Somali Language Seminar

ASLI-Logo-2014-webLast week Co-Director of the Culturally Responsive Instruction for English Language Learners project Mrs. Allyson Hile announced an opportunity to learn about Somali language and culture:

KCPS Language Services is partnering with the KU Summer African Language Institute to offer a Somali language and culture seminar. Topics will include helpful phrases to use with students and parents, a basic understanding of the Somali language (i.e. alphabet, syntax, history) and Somali culture (family structure and expectations, religion, etc.). All district staff are invited to attend-teachers, coaches, and administrators, as well as cafeteria staff, librarians, paraprofessionals and secretaries.

According to KU’s announcement about their Somali program, the language is spoken in Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and throughout the Middle East as well as Somalia. It is second to Spanish as the most common language spoken by KCPS English learners.

Please complete this poll to indicate interest, and spread the word to faculty and staff. Due to funding, the seminars must take place before August 15th; however, with enough demand they may be able to offer additional seminars in the fall.

In addition to serving the Culturally Responsive Instruction for English Language Learners project, Mrs. Hile is the Director of Language Services for Kansas City Public Schools and adjunct TESL faculty at Webster University. She began working with English learners as a bilingual paraprofessional then taught middle school sheltered social studies to beginning and intermediate English language learners and served as an ESL Resource Teacher. She received her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Kansas.

Mrs. Hile is a strong supporter of English learners in KCPS and the community. Thank you, Mrs. Hile, for your service to the project and the district!

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