Free Webinar this Friday

Education Week, the national publication focusing on K-12 education policy, will host a free webinar for math educators this Friday, January 16, from 11am to 12pm CST.  The Language of Math: the Common Core and English Learners will feature guests Mark Driscoll, managing project director of the Education Development Center, and Judit N. Moschkovich, professor of mathematics education at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and will be moderated by Anthony Rebora, Managing Editor of Education Week Teacher.

With their heightened emphasis on verbal explication and argumentation, the Common Core State Standards for mathematics pose unique challenges for students not fully proficient in English. In this webinar, two experts in math instruction for English-language learners will explore the linguistic demands of the new standards and offer strategies to help math educators better support ELLs in developing and communicating mathematical reasoning. The discussion will address scaffolding techniques, profession-development needs, and resource options.

Register now or plan to access the archived version for up to four months after the air date.

Thank you to Dr. Brenda Fyfe, Dean of the School of Education at Webster University and Principal Investigator of our project, for sharing this resource!

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