Family Engagement Event Scenarios: 1 of 4

Thank you to family and community engagement expert Mrs. Phyllis Harris for organizing Wednesday night’s Gathering Resources from Diversity Partners event at Webster’s Kansas City campus. Also, thanks to our project co-directors Melissa Fields-Allgeyer and Allyson Hile as well as Webster representatives Sean Downs, Megan Gray, Hanna Siddiq and our instructors Dr. Song, Lynn Tarvin, and LeeAnn Thomas for supporting the event. Finally, a huge thanks to our speakers Cathy Anderson of JVS and Raul Murguia of Jaama’ Scholastic Program and the participants in our expert panel including Dr. Manouchehr and Sara Pedram of Global and Multicultural Education, Dr. Daniel Atkinson of Kansas African Studies Center, Anna Garcia of KC Public Library, Phyllis Ray-Taylor of Upper Room, Candice Cheatum of LINC, Anna Woelk of JVS, and Pete Muenks, former Assessment Coordinator for KCPS.

As promised, the following scenarios represent experiences of KCPS teachers and Language Services staff. In a similar situation, what steps would you take to best meet the needs and serve the interests of English learners while building on their strengths? What community resources would you leverage toward that end? Click the post title above to comment and read others’ comments.

A high school student lives with her mother and three younger siblings, two who are not yet in school. The father is employed out of state and sends money to the family but doesn’t see them often. The mother has cancer and requires frequent treatments at Truman Medical Center. She receives transport to the hospital but needs care for the two younger siblings, so the high school student must often stay home to watch them. He is missing instruction and falling behind, as well as struggling emotionally with his many responsibilities and worries.

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