Two iPad Apps for Researchers

On a recent visit to Webster’s Kansas City campus, Dr. DJ Kaiser shared with us two apps that support academic research. Dr. Kaiser is Webster University’s Coordinator of Teaching English as a Second Language, and his research interests range from topics such as translation and adaptation studies to language planning and policy, general linguistics, World Englishes, pragmatics, second language acquisition, language pedagogy, and teacher training.

One of the apps Dr. Kaiser recommended is Mendeley. It allows users to read and annotate PDFs and access a library of articles across devices – from desktop to iOS devices and on the Web. According to the app blog, Mendeley expects to launch an Android app by mid-2015.

Mendeley also generates APA citations that can be copied and pasted in Word, and it supports collaboration by enabling groups to work together on assignments, share feedback, and write as a team. According to the app site, Mendeley is used by over 3 million students to organize, collaborate on, and promote research. Check out the tutorial library for help getting started using Mendeley.

With PaperShip, researchers can also manage, annotate, and share papers on Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and articles used in Papership can be synced with a Mendeley library.

Thank you, Dr. Kaiser for sharing these tools!

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