Using TK20

TK20 is an online tool used to store artifacts from coursework and field experience of Webster University students. The instructors in the ESOL certification program use TK20 to collect and evaluate key assessments for each course.

If you are a Webster student ready to upload a document, or “artifact”, as they are called in TK20, we have found it is best to follow the steps below instead of trying to navigate the site on your own. Plan to upload your assignments in advance of the deadline so that you have time to seek help if needed.

  1. Go to and click TK20 Login on the left.
  2. Log in with your Connections username and password.
  3. Click the tab at the top labeled Courses.
  4. Click the Assignments link on the left Coursework menu.
  5. Click the name of the course for which you are submitting your document(s).
  6. Click the Attach Artifacts tab in the menu in the upper middle area of your screen.
  7. Select Click here to attach.
  8. In the pop up window, select Create a new artifact and click Continue.
  9. From the drop down menu, select File and click Select.
  10. Click browse and select the file from your computer or flash drive.
  11. To upload more than one file, select Click to attach another file, and again browse and select an additional file. Repeat if necessary.
  12. Scroll down and click Save. (At this point, the documents are saved so the instructor can see them, and you may upload additional files at a later date.)
  13. When you have finished uploading all files, click Submit. If you are uploading more than one, only click Submit after you upload the final artifact. This finalizes your upload, and you will no longer have access to upload anything else for that course. Your screen will show what you have uploaded into the course, and this is exactly what the instructor will be able to see.

If you have tried the steps above without success, please notify your instructor and refer to the following PDFs.

Instructions for Logging into TK20 account

How to Upload an Artifact in TK20

If you still require assistance, contact Diane Hosford at 314-246-7493 or

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